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As you read through the entries, below, you'll begin to understand the troubling pattern of incompetence and inadequacy that I'm talking about. You'll also begin to realize that there is, in fact, no way I could easily record every instance, large, small, and moderate, of in-or-semi-competence that I, and you, run across each and every day. It's a staggering problem, that has compromised America in every way.

And, Brothers & Sisters, the problem is going to get a lot worse as dope (i.e. marijuana, hashish) becomes legal across the country, leading to an increasingly sprawling subset of Americans walking around stoned. Insidiously, because of the often-subtle nature of the marijuana high, you'll probably never know that your doctor, auto mechanic, bus driver, waiter, tax-preparer, police officer, or teacher of your child, is high, on the job, or off.

And given that no person will ever really know what other person or persons whom they are interacting with are high, indeed in many cases persons whom they are depending on, sometimes in serious or even life-and-death situations, how will people ever trust each other again? What happens to trust, already rated low in America, between person and person, person and business, and person and government? Trust--that absolutely foundational element without which you simply cannot have a healthy and functioning society?

Trust will obviously be gravely injured, if not destroyed.

Fellow Americans, how do we maintain, and build, a healthy and prosperous society under such conditions? We don't. We simply shed a tear as we watch America continue to inexorably (i.e. can't be stopped) decline from Great Power to third-world-nation.

Fight, and terminate, this powerful and destructive enemy by A.) reading my book GRASS NOT GREENER, and B.) electing me President.

October 08, 2021, Friday

10:07a, About thirty minutes ago, attempted to pay my public service bill online. Process hung up mid-point. Now I have to waste time calling PSEG.

10:08a, Cooked a Stouffer's frozen dinner for my mother. Instructions state not to reheat the plastic tray.

OK, but what if I have to, for some reason? Maybe we've just had a flood and cooking items like a pot for stove-top reheating are not available. Is it imperative that we not reheat the tray, or just recommended? Evidently it's a health issue, which is important, but Stouffer's gives us no explanation or further information, whatsoever.

10:21a, As I sit here penning (i.e. writing) this material, the overhead LED-technology light bulb here in our kitchen just flickered, and has been flickering a bit for about 24 hours, now. My initial research indicates that all bulbs flicker, regardless of their base technology. LED bulbs, however, seem to have the strongest reputation for this behavior.

This is an especially problematic flaw, for a flickering bulb could indicate a problem with interior wiring, or some other serious electrical condition that could even lead to a fire. There could be hidden leakage from a toilet or other plumbing fixture or component on the 2nd floor, affecting the wiring between the floors, below, or in the walls.

Therefore, experiencing this behavior simply as an idiosyncrasy of the bulb, itself, is not acceptable.

October 09, 2021, Saturday

Yesterday an almost-4-year-old child, Daniel Galeas, fell from from a fourth-floor window in Harlem, N.Y.C.

Tragically, our beautiful little brother could not survive the fall.

What possible explanation would suffice in this tragic example of the large-scale failure of FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE?

October 12, 2021, Tuesday

About four days ago upon visiting my local Shop-Rite supermarket I again indulged my I-wish-it-were-guilty pleasure and walked over to the TastyKake display, looking for the small French Apple pie. Lo-and-behold it hadn't yet been snatched up; the TastyKlair pie also looked good to my low-blood-sugared body so I took that one too, moving my shopping cart in its usual location. I opened the TastyKlair, the pie that had captured my imagination at that moment.

Upon opening the pie and anticipating the first bite of the yellow custard inside and chocolate gracing the top, i was immediately chagrined to see that the ribbon of chocolate on top of the pie had largely come off and was stuck under the top of the small, rectangular cardboard box.


It gets worse. A lot worse.

I then reverted to Plan B--my French Apple pie, opening the package, breaking the small, rectangular pie in two, as is my habit, and starting to munch. I noted the box asserting, NOW, MORE APPLES, and was struck with consternation, as the amount of apple filling seemed nicely akin to what I'm used to--but no greater. And I could see gaps or crevices between the filling and the sides of the pie. Even with the touted MORE APPLES the interior of the cardboard sleeve was not fully filled.

I briefly continued my attempt to eat and enjoy the pie, but it was not to be. I found several more solid fragments, and all but confirmed that they were plastic.


This incident produced an immediate epiphany for me, concerning the nature and character of America and American society. The question for us, now, however, concerns the presence of inedible detritus in this product, and many other food products that I--and you--purchase. For they surely represent a diminution in the American ability to competently provide products and services.

October 14, 2021, Thursday

A friend in Ohio related the following account:

He has a good relationship with his local pizzeria, from whom he orders often. However, it does make consistent mistakes.

Balance of account pending.

November 15?, 2021, Monday

Spoke with Tiffany. Wawa forgot to include a spoon for the soup. and other mistakes. See notes.

Balance of account pending.

November 16, 2021, Tuesday

My Wawa order arrived about 25 minutes ago, soup and a sandwich.

They again forgot to include a spoon. I've ordered from Wawa, this particular Wawa, in fact, many times. They customarily include a spoon when soup is ordered. Last two soup orders--no spoon.

November 30, 2021, Tuesday

I bought a jar of Vita Herring about a week ago at my local Stop-n-Shop supermarket. I kept it refrigerated and opened it about 25 minutes ago.

The herring pieces, usually soft and edible, were, this time, far more firm, almost hard. I have encountered variation and inconsistency in this product, before, but its quality is ordinarily within an acceptable range. The product of today was probably the worst, however.

Why this quality differential?

I realize, of course, that fish is a natural product, and there will be variation. But in this case it appears that the inconsistency was surmountable: simply simmer or boil the fish a few more minutes. In any case, I'm not in the fishing industry; I'm sure those in the industry have the technical knowledge to have prevented this dip in quality.

I don't want to see this. Nor can American competitiveness stand it, and my Administration is going to assist companies in redressing such problems. American industry is going to Actualize and reach a point of excellence--or me and my Administration is going to die, trying.

December 01, 2021, Wednesday

Several years ago my next-door neighbors, a young orthodox Jewish couple, took me to court with a charge of harassment. Yes, of course it's ridiculous; all the more given that, arguably, he and his wife were the harassers, not me. They were also akin to selfish, yapping babies, which is why they profligately indulged themselves by pressing a harassment charge against me, instead of simply cooperating with me in my informal noise complaint against them, as they injured me repeatedly with various kinds of noise, especially their continual stream of SUV door-and-hatch closures right outside my kitchen window, that often made me jump out of my skin at various times throughout the day, especially the morning (and still does). On one occasion my Father, alive at that time though elderly, actually fell down in the kitchen right upon hearing one of their loud vehicle closures through our kitchen wall.

This couple and I could have worked this problem out as next-door neighbors, without their resorting to the legal system, which is precisely what I was trying to do. Upon retrospect, I realize at this very moment that I pen this update, 903a, Sunday, January 02, 2022, that the problem was that these individuals did not want to "work anything out," a process that can take time, energy, effort, commitment, and even money. Like most immoral, amoral, or otherwise mediocre or immature minds, they obviously just wanted the problem--me--to simply go away.

Continuing, upon arrival to this block and making my acquaintance, I told them that my only request to them as next-door neighbors was to please refrain from use of outdoor lawn chemicals, as my Father was already elderly and suffering dementia. The husband assured me, and I still remember the scene vividly, that all he intended to use was "a little fertilizer." Well they broke this promise in spades, considering the absolute plethora of chemical and toxic substances and materials used in their large-scale outdoor home-improvement, including the likely stream of airborne particulates, not to mention the occasional outright clouds of dust when certain work occurred. I clearly remember one such incident. On the last day of the work the contractor installed a new driveway, pouring hot asphalt mere feet from where my poor Father slept. The odor began seeping into our house, and I began to fear for his life, calling both my sister and her boyfriend to assist me in quickly removing him from the house (neither responded*).

The judge in the case ordered both parties to mediation, which occurred. The directive of the Mediator was no-contact between parties. Under threat of moving the case out of mediation and back to the judicial que, which at that time would have been potentially catastrophic for me because my Mother was elderly and ill, I accepted mediation and its directives rather than participate in a trial, under which I was fully prepared to show unequivocally who the actual harassers were.

In fact, these neighbors not only injured me repeatedly with various kinds of noise, especially their continual stream of SUV door-and-hatch closures right outside my kitchen window, as partially described, above, but, believe it or not, are actually partially responsible for the premature death of my Father, because of a major five-part outdoor and indoor home-improvement project they undertook about seven years ago (that made their backyard, contiguous with ours, look like Ground Zero), at a time when my beloved Dad was elderly and in delicate health. When asked to cooperate in responding to this reality, perhaps by postponing the work or even consulting their Rabbi for intervention and possible mediation, the young wife disparaged and mocked me and my request, I kid you not, and they moved forward with the work.




3.5 months later, my Father died.

It was a period during which the daily onslaught of noise, toxic and likely deadly odors, vibration, shaking, earth-moving and other equipment as well as massive trucks filled with debris moving back and forth often, mere feet from my house, vulgar language routinely heard, and a constant general commotion, during which I had all I could do to protect my Father.


3.5 months later, a period during which the daily onslaught of noise, toxic and likely deadly odors, vibration, shaking, vulgar language routinely heard, and a constant general commotion, during which I had all I could do to protect my Father--he died.


To this day this couple appear oblivious to what they've done, or possess an incorrect understanding, though I've mentioned it to them at least once. Sooner or later these "neighbors," still next-door, are going to have to reckon with their crime.**

Indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Americans, nothing can compare in teaching love, virtue, patience, forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, charity, and brotherhood like being forced to live right next-door to the persons who literally helped kill your father or mother. Especially when it is plain and apparent that said persons are each day living full and robust lives, of great financial means, never acknowledging their crime, while completely ignoring you and your 90 year-old mother, whom they used to speak to. Indeed does my Mother bitterly feel, and, in pain, often complain about, the cruel, even sadistic, withdrawal of the young wife and her kids, completely from my Mother's life. She speaks of how, previously, she could revel in seeing and even engaging in a bit of interaction with our neighbor's babies, and a bit of conversation with the neighbor about them--but now cannot, as that neighbor and her equally obtuse husband have enacted a wall of contempt and categorical (complete and total) rejection between us that is as immutable (i.e. permanent and never-changing) as it is insurmountable (i.e. cannot be scaled).

Perhaps a recent U.S. President, mercifully having served only one term, was too focused on erecting walls to separate America and Americans from the rest of the world, while displaying zero interest and indeed no awareness, whatever, in helping tear down the many walls that separate we Americans from each other.

Several years after the mediation I had to speak to the neighbor about an issue important to my family, but upon inquiry I was told by the Court that there was, in fact, no way for me to legally approach the neighbor, given the agreement, nor would the Court, itself, intervene as proxy to deliver a message or pose a query. The de facto directive of the mediation agreement, then, was evidently life-long silence between persons living within mere feet of each other.

This is obviously as ridiculous as it is unworkable, since the reality of social existence in a neighborhood is that persons living next-door to each other may occasionally require a legitimate conversation. Nor does such a policy encourage improved neighbor relations, but instead maintains existing schisms and poor neighbor and community relations. Just what America doesn't need, and indeed in so many respects, simply can no longer afford.

There must be, and under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will be, a means for approaching and speaking with a neighbor, even with a general no-contact mediation agreement enacted, and provision for such agreements either to automatically expire or come up for periodic review. Even inmates in prison receive no less.


*My own sister, Dad's daughter, and her boyfriend, and both of our next-door neighbors, devout Jewish, no less, and the building contractor, himself, a self-proclaimed "proud marine," "gentleman," and son, himself, of an aging father, who cooperated initially to help minimize injury to my Father but abruptly reversed himself, blindsiding me, all ultimately exhibited a gross disregard for my Father's life. Such behavior speaks a tome to the absence of connection and morality in this culture, likely many cultures, and supports my thesis that in a narcissistic society, death of a human being, though it may appear otherwise, is usually not the result of error by a single individual such as a shooter, malpracticing doctor, or negligent parent, but is actually due to the missteps, miscalculations, or other gaffes and mistakes of more than one person, often a group, each and all having made mistakes of one or more kinds in the circumstance, sometimes working in concert in a "comedy of errors" fashion, that led inexorably to the death.

In other words, a death is usually a puzzle, each piece corresponding to a mistake committed by someone, multiple pieces, that is, multiple mistakes committed by the same person, possible, and it's almost always this collection of "someones" responsible for the death.

**This account, in full, and related accounts, are explicated (i.e. presented step-by-step in detail) in "NEIGHBORS OF DEATH," Volume II of my 3-Volume AGAPE TRILOGY. Publication pending.

December 02, 2021



About four minutes ago I removed from my head the noise-blocking earmuffs that the daily din here in my small North Jersey town had forced me to put on, perhaps 20 minutes ago. The ruckus and inconvenience, in this particular instance, was because of a lone leafblower, it seemed. Probably a few blocks away, in fact, but of such volume, intensity, and timbre, as is typical of these death devices masquerading as lawn-care equipment, that it's sonic blitz is easily heard from within the home, as if it were in use right nearby.

In running to the bathroom to retrieve the earmuffs, I actually had to leave my Mother for about sixty seconds, a wholly inadvisable exercise as she is 90 years old, a bedridden invalid greatly suffering under a new wave of tortuous maladies including dizziness, such that would she not have fallen out off her commode where she sat when I bolted to the bathroom to get the 'muffs, which she could have, she could have suffered one of her frequent panic attacks in response to her dizziness.


Now this blower is right nearby--likely the local brother who has a few customers on this block; a man steeped in ignorance, cruelty, and vengeance toward those who dare complain about the inept use of his hyperloud blowers and other machines.

No worries, fellow noise victims. Upon my election, I will immediately de-fang such individuals.

Sanity, meaning quiet in regard to this issue, will return, as will quality-of-life in America.


I sit here again wearing my noise-blocking earmuffs. I was correct. The blowers in use were operating at the very end of this cul-de-sac, yet were of such volume that they sounded like they were right-next-door.

In creating, and permitting, this din, many Americans are as careless with their hearing as they are with every other dimension and aspect of their health.

December 03, 2021, Friday - Account #1

Why did my Mother's Primary Care Provider just write her a prescription for the antibiotic Bactrim DS, which, it turns out, in a little known drug-interaction, conflicts with the Lisinopril that she's already taking, and could result in sudden death?

Likewise, why, several years ago, did a young doctor prescribe my mother a pain medication, DUEXIS tablets, that, it turned out, elevated blood pressure, when her BP was already very high? And why, when I telephoned this doctor to discuss this, did he fail to ever return my call?

The first gaffe illustrates the lack of competent functionality in our culture. The second likewise illustrates the lack of competent functionality in our culture, as well as the lack of Love.

December 03, 2021, Friday - Account #2


I'm running for President because of mashed potatoes.

A local restaurant, we'll call it the Clairmont Grill House, forgot my mother's mashed potatoes tonight, part of our $61.xx order, the one item in the meal that, given her denture issues, we were sure she could eat. This omission occurred despite the young lady, we'll call her Aubrey, who assisted in taking and processing the order, telephonically, having agreed to check that our order was complete before delivery, which I explictly requested. I had explicitly pointed out that oftentimes restaurants forget to include everything in the order, and asked her to please ensure that our order was complete, which she indicated she would.

The reason for this dual gaffe is the same reason that most marriages end in divorce, the same reason that wars break out, the same reason that climate change has occured, the same reason that some people deny that climate change has occurred, the same reason that terrorism occurs, the same reason that oftentimes neither medical students nor even medical residents can perform a simple blood-pressure reading correctly (see below), and the same reason that restaurants like McDonald's exist. Let's all put human ego, collective and individual, on the shelf, shall we, take a deep, cleansing breath...and acknowledge that, at least at our present state of individual and group social evolution, we human beings really can't do much right.

Which is why humans who do somehow manage to do something right are often recognized, and even awarded. But even these individuals will generally do something right in a given field of endeavor, but still err miserably in the other aspects of their lives.

I believe that we can change this pattern, however--and be done with missing mashed potatoes, forever.

December 07, 2021, Tuesday - Account #1

We humans, even those of us who are highly-educated and presumed greatly-skilled, can't even properly perform procedures basic to our occupation or profession. To wit:

At a 2015 American Medical Association meeting, 159 medical students were given a blood pressure check challenge with a simulated patient. Only one - one! - performed all 11 elements they're trained to do. The average number of steps performed correctly was 4.1.

One of the biggest mistakes: Failing to have a patient rest for five minutes in a chair before the measurement. Only 11 of these doctors-in-training did that.

The study was published this summer in JAMA, a leading medical journal. An article(link opens in new window) about the study(link opens in new window) includes a sobering message from Raymond R. Townsend, M.D., a study co-author and director of the hypertension program at the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania. Townsend was named the AHA's Physician of the Year in 2016.

"I used to have a standing challenge on rounds at Penn: 'If you can do a blood pressure correctly in my presence, I will buy you a dinner [at a] restaurant of your choice in Philadelphia,'" Townsend said. "After 10 years, not a single person - resident, fellow or student - ever could do it."

December 07, 2021, Tuesday - Account #2



Where the h*ll is my Mother's brownie?

We ordered from our local Panera restaurant, Clifton, N.J., her soup was delivered, but I also ordered a brownie for her dessert...IT'S NOT HERE.

I'm clawing, scratching, and grabbing through the delivery bag, poorly-sealed, I might add, and the brownie is missing! I presumed initially that it was in there somewhere, probably under the stack of napkins they gave us. But--no.

Just as three nights ago the mashed potatoes were missing from the DoorDash order coming from a Montclair, N.J. restaurant (see above account).


WHY MUST I BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME? Evidently my thesis concerning the ubiquitous Functional inadequacy of American society really is right on target, which I already knew.

(...don't tell me that the Dasher, an African-American young man, pilfered and ate the brownie. This just occurred to me.)

Either way--inattention, or theft--the damage was done, my editorial judgement about the substandard state of American competence again illustrated and proved, unfortunately, correct.

December 08, 2021, Wednesday - Account #1


A few minutes ago, at 437p, I had just put mom into bed, she's feeling very poorly, the room was very quiet, the house was quiet, the block and neighborhood, believe it or not, were quiet. Her room was darkening as was the sky outside.

She was tucked into bed, nestled nicely in her quilt; I was standing near her and she was doing quiet a bit of quiet talking before I left the room. Since it was twilight or possibly just a bit past, and since it gets dark quite early at this time of season, I didn't think it likely that The 'Tard would show up to leafblow, though with him you really never know. He routinely works in the dark, and about a season ago I may have even seen him start a job in the dark, or just-about-dark.

Having said this, in-all I didn't think he'd be here, meaning I didn't think that the dark and quiet that existed at that moment and for some time prior would be disturbed.

As I was leaving her room, however, perhaps just a few minutes earlier, I heard, faintly, a sound that was likely a blower. I know that sound. I monitored it for a few minutes and it didn't seem to occur further, and when I arrived downstairs a few minutes later it was just about completely dark, so at that point it was a near-certainty that there would be no leafblowing tonight.

But for those few moments, perhaps at most ten minutes time, I was worried. The hackles on the back of my neck went-up. There is simply no regulation of these devices.

I'm not going to regale, or depress, variously, you with my numerous horror stories about leafblowers, in this Blog; I think you get my point about these devices. But suffice it to say that the blower is a very aggressive instrument in every way, starting but absolutely sot ending with the ungodly din that it generates, wholly incompatible with fragile humans such as my frail, elderly, ill, 90yo mother, and many other persons and animals, and with the many acts and activities that constitute the simple living of life, essentially all of which requires quiet. When one also considers its deleterious effect on the environment, its contribution to climate change, in particular, that it simply has to go is a fait accompli.

And that it exists, is in widespread use in America, and its operators are required to undergo zero training in health, safety, or courteous use, is yet another of innumerable gaffes and mistakes that we humans continue to make, with no end in sight. In other words-yet another heaping helping of human dysfunction.

December 08, 2021, Wednesday - Account #2


The last two Dashers delivering food to this house called me during the delivery from around the corner, which is a park, and told me that their GPS units had brought them there and told them that they'd arrived at their destinations.

Next to the leafblower, the GPS is probably one of the most superfluous and counterproductive devices to compromise the human technological landscape. Talk about the compromise of the human brain.

December 10, 2021, Friday

About 7:00a

Two days ago I spoke with "Joyce" of Verizon, changing our residential communications plan that covers our telephone and Internet service. In discussing several plan options, I specifically sought, and selected, the plan that did not involve a change in our router or other equipment. Joyce told me that no new equipment was required for the plan that I selected.

Yet about 24 hours later a box was shipped to us containing what appears to be a new router, or some other kind of related device.

Additionally, in a second example of the second plank in my Presidential platform, human, and in this case American, incompetence:  why is the shipping box completely undone on the bottom, as if it were never sealed or constructed properly in the first place?

The tally increases by two.

December 21, 2021


About 11:10a

going to dump the contents of my audio recorder again to my Toshiba drive. see snap. highlight the apprpt folder, TALK--yet its contents are not appearing, though the correct folder is highlighted. the previous iteration of the win operating system would display the contents simply by resting the pointer on the folder--much better system. when Microsoft went from windows ax to windows 7 techy really removed a number of highly utilitarian feature. gives the lie to the nit that capitalism, espy American, are contunally are continually evolving adevelopnig and represent regarding economics and the quality of asserted as concomitant with it and generated by it.

December 22, 2021, Wednesday


In reading an article on stroke at the website for the Parkwood Heights Retirement Community, I came across a particularly troubling typo:


As you can see, because of this particularly unfortunate typo, the elderly or inattentive reader might easily confuse the recommended dosage--and 500mg is a far from 1500mg. Were such a mistake made it would not imply injury to the patient for taking too much, but would, in fact, deprive them of taking the full amount possible to take, which is 1,500mg, which itself, however, could be injurious to them if they needed any dose above 500mg. The typo, in other words, gives the impression that 500mg is the maximum dose that can be taken.

Fellow Americans, do you think this is inconsequential? What if the numbers were reversed, so that the patient thought they could take 1,500mg of sodium--when in fact they could only safely take 500?

Or, what if the incorrect counterpose or reversal of the numbers occurred not in regard to a nutritional supplement, as important, actually, as that can be--but a specification for a military system, subsystem, or procedure of some kind? Perhaps involving nuclear weapons?

Might the error matter, then?

December 21, 2021


The onscreen SKIP INTRO control, a button, in the air of Star Trek:  Voyager doesn't appear to work.

Unless it's a memory-related issue, that is, my laptop might not have enough available memory to support this function.

December 23, 2021 - ACCOUNT #1

around 1:15p

Called the CLAIRMONT GRILL HOUSE to order another omelet for my mother, who remains in fairly desperate need of solid nutrition that's readily edible by a toothless-senior. Omelet's fill that bill well.

But first wanted to speak briefly with the owner, Chris, about the mistakes his staff made on December 03 on our previous order. I asked for him and he spoke with me for just a moment, as he was busy. In fact, after apprising me that he had people waiting, he did tell me to call later, and then hung up--without waiting for my acknowledgment of his suggestion nor my customary "Goodbye." His failure to receive the former suggests a poor sense of business and lack of courtesy. His failure to receive the latter suggests the same--and meets the basic criterion to be considered a "hang up,"

More Pending.

December 24, 2021, Friday - ACCOUNT #1


Just finding out that some of the side-effects of the hypertension drug Lisinopril, that my Mother takes, can be fatal, I'm noting that her doctor, a Gerontologist, no less, never mentioned any of this.

Regarding the angioedema that the drug can cause, he should have mentioned it, and advised us to monitor her carefully for the entire time that she was taking the drug.

This is the same doctor, BTW, who indicated "No" when I asked him if he was aware that the first anti-hypertensive that he prescribed her, which I recall as Amlodipine, could cause hallucinations. Why was I aware of it, after doing just a bit of digging on the Internet--but he was not?

I'm also aware that Lisinopril, itself, can cause hallucinations, as my Mother, immediately upon raising her dosage to 10mg from 5mg, just two nights ago, in fact, began seeing spectres:  first, a woman, now, a boy. Though apprising us during a telephonic Tele-Medicine visit several months ago that we could increase her dosage to 10mg by simply giving her two 5mg tablets, instead of just one, during each dosing, did her doctor mention the possibility of side effects at this dosage to her--no.

Time for a new PCP, you say? Yes, obviously. But do you imagine that he's the only doctor, or even one of what is only a handful of doctors who don't review side effects with patients or their families?


December 24, 2021, Friday - ACCOUNT #2

Well I guess we can kiss the Dannon company, goodbye.

As a younger person and throughout my life I, undoubtedly like many others, had known Dannon yogurt as the go-to yogurt--it was fresh, delicious, had a very large dollop of fruit on the bottom to mix with the yogurt portion, had the friendly gut-bacteria that all yogurt contains, was attractively packaged, and fairly inexpensive to buy.

Dannon yogurt--everybody knew and liked the product. You couldn't go wrong.

Well times have changed, I'm afraid, and you can go wrong, now, with this sunken brand, which now contains bio-engineered ingredients in the revised language of the FDA. That is, GMOs.

December 28, 2021, Tuesday


Trying to pull several trash liners from the box of Stop-in-Shop trash liners that I bought the other day. One came out easily. I couldn't seem to get the second one from the box. Upon inspection I see that the second and third bags are not fully separated; whatever machine they use to separate them evidently didn't work properly.



My local Wawa screwed up my order--again. No lettuce on my Italian sub!

Dec 30, 2021, Thursday


I just opened an Amy's Broccoli and Cheddar Bake frozen dinner; as I was pulling open one side of the box, the interior pouch enclosing the meal tore. See photo.

Could this have been my fault, as I did not use the integrated tear-strip?

I don't think so. For that would seem to indicate that the bag was somehow attached, perhaps affixed with an errant spot of carton glue, to the interior panel that I had pulled open instead of using its tear-strip.

Moreover, Amy's, and every other food manufacturer that feigns the convenience of a tear-strip, should know that most of them fail msby miserably, and the actual opening of a food carton is a wildly anarchic affair.

I'm now absolutely forced to declare FOOD PACKAGING a new category of particular manufacturer incompetence (PMI), in addition to FOOD PREP AND SALE.




January 01, 2022



Just called the Stop-and-Shop supermarket at the Clifton Commons shopping center in Clifton, N.J., to get their store hours, as today is New Year's Day.

Why didn't the female, sounded like a young woman, wish me a Happy New Year?

Wishing me, as she did, "...a nice night," I believe were her words, is fine, usually, but shouldn't management have instructed all employees to wish customers Happy New Year?

I just called my local Shop-Rite supermarket proffering the same hours query, and was met with this informational statement":  "...We're open 'til eight."

I was unhappy that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. Indeed, chagrin at the omission of a New Year greeting by the first employee quickly faded as the second employee proffered no greeting or well-wish, at all.

A New Year well-wish should have been proffered as a point of 1.) business professionalism, and 2.) appropriate courtesy, this second reason containing the point of personal connection we want.

Is this a small and pedantic point? None of the points that comprise these critiques are small or pedantic, for they all speak to whether the way the human race manages and operates itself is the very best that it can be. That is, to whether the human race is Actualized, or not.

January 03, 2022, Monday - Account #1

In the United States, and likely elsewhere, beverage cans sold in packages of six are bundled together with a six-pack ring or yoke, that is, a "a set of connected plastic rings that are used in multi-packs of beverage, particularly six-packs of beverage cans."

In trying to simply move the six-pack in my refrigerator one of the cans fell onto the floor. Why didn't its respective ring hold it more firmly?

January 04, 2022


Aspiring journalists, editors, and proofreaders:  Consider the following paragraph from the May 11, 2020 article in PureWow magazine entitled Does Chocolate Go Bad? The Answer Surprised Us.

"If you have a ton of chocolate on your hands that you're worried about wasting, keep it in the freezer in an airtight container or freezer bag. Just refrigerate it for 24 hours first to keep the crystallization process from happening too quickly in the freezer. Crystallized fat and sugar = bloom. Once it's frozen, it can last up to eight months depending on the type of chocolate and if the bar or bag is unopened. To thaw, move it to the freezer for 24 hours, then let it come down to room temperature on the counter."

Can you identify the incorrect noun in this paragraph?

Where was the proofreading? Editor asleep on the job? A marijuana smoker, perhaps?

As I'm wont to underscore in the face of any kind of editing error, the reader should imagine not that the typo occurred in an inconsequential article about chocolate--but in content pertinent to military, medical, financial or other mission critical systems.

Sloppy writing and editing are sloppy writing and editing, and once such intellectual laziness is accommodated in a culture, you can kiss professional journalism, and the truths that it represents, Goodbye.

Not on my watch.



The incorrect noun in the selection above is freezer, in the last sentence. The writer meant refrigerator.

I saw the error immediately.

January 05, 2022, Wednesday


One of the smaller headlines today in the New York Times is:

"When They Warn of Rare Disorders, These Prenatal Tests Are Usually Wrong"

The vexing reality is that our nation (and our species) makes so many mistakes, constantly, and is thus so far from Actualization,* that even someone like me, a writer and philosopher devoted to eradicating this "phenomenon of mediocrity," simply can't keep up with them all.

So please read the article--then you can give me its particulars.

. . . . . . . .

*ACTUALIZATION:  term used in my work to denote becoming the best that we're capable of.

January 07, 2022, Friday


If we're talking dysfunction and incompetence in health and medicine, where unfortunately so much consequent unnecessary suffering, pain, and death occurs, here is a true representative example:  an elderly patient is identified by her son as having a UTI. The nursing staff ignores or dismisses his assertion, leading to the unnecessary death of the patient.

Please read the full account.

January 11, 2022, Tuesday

Order placed on the telephone around 930p, taken by a young lady

Order placed with local pizzeria, let's call them Clinton Pizza Village. Requested two or three containers of Italian dressing, unless, I stipulated, the containers are large. Many times they're very small, I remarked.

The dressing included with the order was a single, very small container. This is the odd Achilles heel of local pizzerias--the dressing they include with a salad order, at least a take-out order, is almost always a miniscule amount in a tiny plastic container. This container was among the worst in diminutive size. How the owners imagine a diner can cover the entire salad with such a negligible amount of dressing, even diners who prefer a spartan amount, is simply baffling--and in my view reflects incompetence, or at lst a baffling kind of judgment in this regard.

In this case, I had to use my own oil and vinegar.

January 12?, 2022, Wednesday

Yet another error by Clinton Pizza Village during the delivery for tonight. For some time in ordering I specified that the delivery person should deliver to the back door. However, I haven't made this request in about a month, likely more. In fact, I vaguely recall that for the first few orders to be sent to the front door, I explicitly mentioned it to the order-taker, knowing that the pizzeria was used to us requesting back-door delivery. And in fact, for some time now the delivery personnel did deliver to the front door, as requested. But this time, tonight, they did not. The delivery person, a young man, told me that the delivery instruction was, "back door."

January 18, 2022, Tuesday


If you're unfamiliar with the story of former New York City police officer Frank Serpico, I urge you to acquaint yourself. A simple viewing of the 1973 film (starring Al Pacino) should do the trick, and you can acquaint yourself further after that if desired. The book, the basis for the film, Serpico, by Peter Maas would be an excellent second step.

Frank Serpico, a sincere, dedicated, and scrupulously honest police officer found himself, upon his introduction into the ranks of the New York City Police Department, in a veritable den of thieves, the problem being that these thieves were all of his corrupt fellow officers. This posed a problem of epic proportion for the honest officer, who rode the wave as best he could, but the situation was simply impossible and something had to give--unfortunately, what gave was Serpico's status as a police officer, and almost his very life, as several fellow officers seemed to set him up during a drug bust, and he was shot by a suspect, almost fatally.

The pathological circumstance that Officer Serpico found himself in is an excellent example of the kind of gross dysfunction that simply happens all the time amongst we, the human race.

On a personal note, I consider Frank Vincent Serpico a hero, and I have him featured at my BEST OF WORLD CULTURE website.

  1. Pnra, extra-cheese-and-sauce pizza prepared incorrectly, and another error (to be cited) (pickup)

  2. Pnra, brownie missing (delivery, DoorDash)

  3. Pnra, two bowls brocolli & cheddar soup. Probably around Dec 08, 2021. Included in bag were two forks--no spoons. (pickup)

  4. ClairMont Grill House, mashed potatoes missing (pickup)

  5. Wwa, wheat roll mistakenly given after employee, Chris, said he'd alert the deli to substitute the white roll, as I had explicitly asked. (delivery, doordash)

  6. CVP. Plethora of mistakes over the years. (delivery, in-house)

  7. Woodall Diner, Clifton, N.J., guy in kitchen; coughed and sneezed, just continued standing there, at the food/make line. I refused the order and walked out. Pandemic hit the next DAY.


  1. Mari's Restaurant, Clifton, NJ. Probably 2015. Pizza overtly burned on underside. Chef was supposed to call my Mother to apologize. Never received any call.

  2. Jack's Grill, owner, Wassup (sp?), refused to provide ingredient list for the bread they use.

    What's he hiding?

  3. Burger King, Nutley, N.J. Probably 2015 or before. Discussed extra cheese on Whopper. Ultimately ordered my Whopper with extra cheese. Burger arrived with no cheese, at all.

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