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  2. I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, 2024 candidate for President. I wrote every word of this website, and originated (i.e. was the source of) every idea, here, unless otherwise noted.

  3. As my candidacy is a learning candidacy, intended to help each other learn, throughout this web page and indeed much of my other writing you'll encounter the letters "i.e." This means "that is," or "in other words," providing a quick definition of a word that I've used. This learning technique helps you, so 1.) you understand what you are reading, and 2.) you learn new words, which is critical if you wish to remain, or become, an educated person. And it helps me maintain my vocabulary by using the words that I know.

    Everybody wins.

  4. To young people, others of shorter life-experience or incomplete knowledge, or those deliberately in a learning mode:  to gain full advantage of the content of this website, and in some good measure to understand it, at all, you'll probably have, not merely to read it, but to actually study it. Learn now that this is not uncommon if you're reading the work or thoughts of someone extremely intelligent or knowledgable.

    I suggest that you read this entire site at least three times. Don't even click any links for these initial reads. Then, start digging in and actually studying the site. Start clicking links, reading further, and thinking. For many of you, the perspectives and principals will start to really come alive after, perhaps, a year, but the journey, I assure you, will be an enriching and enthralling (i.e. extremely and deeply exciting) one.

    And thankfully, Fellow Americans and Brothers and Sisters, we have three years until the next Presidential election, plenty-of-time to get to know each other!

    Take the time to study the content at this site, and you will not merely begin to properly understand whom to vote for, and why, but you will begin to greatly increase your own level of knowledge about the world, and in so doing, by the way--about yourself. Whom you really are, or want to be. For how can you know who to be, whom to become, if you don't know what options the world holds for you? And how can you know what options the world holds for you, if you know nothing of the world? Acquainting yourself with my work, much of which is either summarized or otherwise presented, here, or linked to from here, will comprise* the start of this process, for you.

    Good luck!

  5. (*comprise, verb:  constitute, make-up, be, be made up of)

  6. I am a thinking human, writing this site in real time and continually and dynamically thinking it through as I go. So you will likely find some material in some sections under construction, or thoughts not fully formed, or penned (i.e. written), yet.

    This is clearly not the first-time that I've thought about most of the ideas and issues presented here:  I'm a writer and philosopher, cited-and-quoted by the New York Times in 2003, just after 9-11, and I've been thinking and writing about many of these issues for a long time.

  7. So if something, here, a section, an idea, somehow seems incomplete, it may be. Please bear with me! Come back a few days or a week later and that section or that thought will likely be finished, or at least more complete.

  8. An important factor that we both must consider in reading this website is how it's generally written, and what I'm writing about. Many people are simply not used to reading. And they are definitely not used to reading the way that I write. That is, in a fairly sophisticated (i.e. not simple) way, using my full command of language. If you're comfortable reading an organ (i.e. publication) like, say, The New York Times, you shouldn't have too much trouble reading my work.

    And as you continue to slowly acquaint (i.e. learn about) yourself with my writing, an interesting and amazing thing will start to happen:  you'll find yourself getting better and better at understanding sophisticated and elegant writing on important topics. In other words, your mind will start improving--and in this, you will, in other words, be "actualizing," (ak' shoo ull eye' zing) that is, becoming closer to the best person that you can be.

    (You'll read about Actualizing and Actualization, below.)

    For my part, I'm writing my content, here, to be as comprehensible (i.e. understandable) as I can. For your part, I want you to read this material over, once, in its entirety (i.e. completely, all of it). Then take a second read, and a third, allowing the ideas to slowly become more clear to you. Or--and this can happen, too--upon further reads the ideas could actually become less clear to you! Things might seem even more confusing upon your third or fourth read. This happens sometimes but is simply part of the learning process. Don't run from it; stay with it and continue stretching those mental muscles.

    I am completely amenable (i.e. open to the idea) of accepting your email messages, telephone calls, and even in-person conversations to help you understand my ideas--and BTW, for me to hear yours.

    Brothers and Sisters, I want to hear YOUR ideas! Perhaps what is going right, or wrong, in your life, and what we can do about it, with, of course, implications for our larger American national community, as we're all suffering from the same basic set of problems. Addressing your problem also means helping someone else who has the same, or a similar, problem.

  9. NOTE TO LOCAL NEIGHBORS.  It is difficult to engage in the complex, unwieldy, and difficult endeavor of seriously running for President of the United States with present neighborhood levels of noise and other distractions. Principal offenders are gas-powered leafblowers and lawnmowers, especially large commercial units.

    Moreover, and critically, the devastating new report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations climate science research group, makes it abundantly clear that climate change is real, is human-caused, is and will continue to cause abnormal and often deadly weather patterns, and is coming faster than we thought. Therefore, and this is now candidate De Benedetto speaking:  all unnecessary devices and technologies that contribute to climate change must, and under the DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will, be eliminated, and the so-called leafblower is #1 on my personal and professional hit list. This largely unnecessary device causes serious injury of many kinds to both people, and planet. Now suffering Tinnitus, an incurable hearing-related malady caused in whole or part by the misguided sonic ministrations of local landscapers, I can personally provide powerful testimony to the injurious nature of this device.

    My mantra (i.e. word or phrase said repeatedly to provide focus), my mantra (pron. mon' chruh) in these matters, for homeowner and landscaper, alike, has been, and remains that of time-tested tools:  rake, broom, shovel, bucket, gloves, and reel mower. If you elect to do the work yourself, it makes for a wholesome weekend family activity!

    If you'd like to see someone from right within your community run for, and possibly win, the Presidency of the United States, thereby putting this town on the map in a way, and on a scale, never seen, please completely refrain from generating, and permitting generation of, such noise.

    Contractor Assistance

    We and our extended family are lifelong residents of this town, and now also require assistance with the upkeep of our property, as serious illness and related issues inhibit the care that we, ourselves, handled for many years. Mother De Benedetto is over 90 years old and bedridden, and I am her sole full-time caregiver, providing round-the-clock care, much of this time spent in actual direct caregiving, as her care is complex and extensive.

    Said help must occur using only tools in harmony with people and planet, that cause injury to neither such as the reel/push mower, rake, broom, scythe, and hand pruners. This dwelling and its grounds require other contractor assistance, as well, such as plumbing, heating, building, and electrical, subsidized in whole or part by you, the contractor, or other visionary neighbor. In fact, our home has now taken on another role and assumed another identity, that of the CENTER FOR THE PRINCIPAL & PRACTICE OF LOVE. This will become clear once our identifying organizational lawn sign is graciously financed by a benefactor, perhaps you, and emplaced.

    We soberly thank those who assist in all or any of these ways, for in this they assist in my seminal endeavors to save, at least, and help Actualize, at most, our wond'rous human family, said endeavors represented, imperfectly, of course, at Internet resources including: (this website),,,,, and

    Names of person or persons assisting in this manner, provision of gratis (i.e. free) services or products, whether in support of my work as political philosopher and social scientist, entrepenuer, or Presidential candidate, will be publicly noted, and such persons can be considered, if desired, friends of my work, even being given permanent volunteer positions with TEAM VINCENT, and as my endeavors and projects generate income, which I anticipate some doing, receiving extremely generous financial compensation.


Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters:  if you can find another 2024 candidate for President with a...

  1. Stronger intellect

  2. Better facility in language

  3. Deeper commitment to the moral elevation of this nation (and this world)

  4. Deeper commitment to the functional elevation of this nation (and this world)

  5. Deeper commitment to, and advocacy for, the promulgation and formal adoption of Love (properly understood) across our citizenry, and

  6. Ready and continuing generation of a complex of plausible, powerful, and indeed critical inter-and-intra-disciplinary ideas of greater breadth and depth all means vote for them!

If not, join TEAM VINCENT and let's get moving and win this election!


As candidate for President, I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear. But I will tell you what you must hear, if you, your family, your state, and your nation (and the world, which often emulates, or imitates, America) is to be given the best chance for happiness, in the complex, difficult, and often disturbing world of today.

Pandemic, terror (i.e. terrorism), 9-11, climate change, George Floyd, cyberhacking, foreign interference in U.S. elections, ransomware, rising suicide rates among both teens and middle-aged persons, loneliness, low wages, bigotry (i.e. racism) against African-Americans and now even Asians, the recent murder of Gabby Petito, too many families going without a mom or dad, hunger, poverty, mental illness...where does it all end?

And how about a set of problems that may, indeed, affect America greatly, but which are presently known to far fewer people, such as the imminent global water shortage crisis? Can you believe nations going to war over access to water?

In fact, writes:  "According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the water crisis is the #5 global risk in terms of impact to society."

Fellow-Americans, Brothers & Sisters:  is there a root cause for all of this, or many different causes? Maybe just some kind of crazy, or very unusual, period in American and world history?

I have the answers.


  • HONESTY.  TRUE TO MYSELF: I'm 61 years old. I've lived a long time, and my personality and value system is formed. I can be nothing other than precisely who I am. What you see, hear, and experience now, during my campaign, is what you'll get were I President, allowing, of course, for growth on-the-job.

  • REALITY.  REAL LIFE: No fantasies, illusions, deceptions, or pie-in-the-sky perspectives. I will talk about, and govern, from the standpoint of real life, the real life that we're all attempting to negotiate, with all its bumps, bruises, problems, and challenges, perhaps especially for young people.

  • PEDAGOGY.  LEARNING: (i.e. education; learning. pron. PED uh goh gee). America is to become a learning nation. 1.) I personally as President will implicitly teach language and conceptualization in the way I present myself to the public, 2.) we will take every opportunity teach each other, while ensuring that the information that we convey, if fact-related, is actually fact, and 3.) critically, we will teach and acquaint young people with the history of America, their own country.

    Little tolerance will exist for explicitly ego-or-commercially-driven dissemination of information that is obviously specious, bigoted, or otherwise lacking integrity, as is commonly broadcast from radio talk-shows.


In my book draft LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD I use the term (i.e. the word) "Inactualized," (pron. in AK shuw ul eye' zd) as in:  the problem with the United States, and the world, is that they are morally and functionally Inactualized. But for our purposes I'm going to express this idea a little more simply, using simpler language.

To "actualize" simply means to be the best that you are capable of being. Look it up in your psychology textbook. This idea can pertain to an individual, group, company, or country.

The term Inactualized can also be represented in writing or speech as "non-actualized." "In" means "non."

In short, Inactualized means not actualized. Not the best that you, or your team, or your company, or your community, or your state, or your country, can be.

Becoming Actualized, or not becoming or remaining Inactualized is a key concept in my work in social science.

The problem is that American (and global) society is rife with the functional mistakes that comprise (i.e. make up) Inactualization:  these mistakes appear in every form, kind, and severity, making the simple living-of-life inordinately difficult, complex, and, in fact, dangerous for all of us.

The Real Cause of Death

Inactualization is also the root cause of death, whether the proximate (i.e. immediate) cause is cancer, heart attack, automobile accident, falling down the stairs, murder, drug overdose, gunshot, animal attack, or anything else. Because persons and systems remain Inactualized, they engage in behaviors, or permit others to engage in behaviors, that inevitably lead to injury, and then death, for themselves or others. There are countless examples of this.

More below.


I am certainly Inactualized. My campaign for President is Inactualized. Meaning, neither are yet the best they can be.

I'm looking for your gracious, loving, and knowledgeable support and help in improving both!


deficit, (DEF ih sit) noun:  shortage or lack.

The fact is, there are two root causes of just about every problem humankind (i.e. every human being) has. The two deficits that drive and generate our entire host of problems, are:


    This has to do with how people treat each other, and themselves. People refers to individuals, and groups of individuals such as communities, companies, and nations.

    There are thousands and thousands of examples, large and small, of moral inadequacy. Here's one quick-and-dirty (i.e. fast, possibly somewhat imprecise) example:  at the end of a telephone call, if you're courteous, you'll say "Goodbye" before hanging up. But have you noticed that many people simply hang up without saying "Goodbye"? They just--hang up. To me, it almost feels like a small slap-in-the-face (In fact, it can even be considered what is now termed a "microaggression").

    Another example can be proferred by the activity at this moment on my block, nextdoor, Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 231pm. My next-door-neighbors, an orthodox Jewish couple, is evidently having their sidewalk replaced, and a young man has been breaking up their old sidewalk with a jackhammer since about 1230 pm. That's two full hours of almost constant noise. Is this the loudest jackhammer that I've ever heard? No. Is it irritating and an impediment to normal living? Yes.

    I'm not necessarily blaming these individuals. The larger problem is lack of moral training or education. This is what we'll begin to address under the De Benedetto administration.

    The above is a small, but significant example. However, our lack of morality, in many other cases, is far more significant. For example, what of the recent murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petito? This is another example of what our lack of morality brings. Two examples, very different in kind and consequence, but, examined deeply, have the same root cause:  lack of consideration and concern for others. In other words, broadly speaking, lack of Love.


    This has to do with how well people do in their day-to-day activities, regardless of what they are doing, ranging from how well they perform their jobs, to how well they negotiate (i.e. perform or address) every kind of task they are called upon to perform, every moment of each day. Are they competent in what they do, or do they tend to make mistakes? If the latter, what is the severity and frequency of their mistakes?

    There are thousands and thousands of examples, large and small, of functional inadequacy. Here's one quick-and-dirty (i.e. fast, possibly somewhat imprecise) example:  have you ever purchased a box of tissues? Have you noticed how difficult it often is, to simply extract the very first tissue?

    Why, in the year 2021, can't the paper companies that manufacture these products devise a way for the first tissue to pop out easily from the opening, at the top of the box? This ridiculous failure is an example of what I consider a functional inadequacy in the paper industry.

  3. I, as you, run into such flaws, gaps, and defects in the functional competence of humanity all the time. Here is a blog, starting today, of such experiences.

    Brothers and Sisters, email me your own, and I'll add them!


As you read through the entries, below, you'll begin to understand the troubling pattern of incompetence and inadequacy that I'm talking about. You'll also begin to realize that there is, in fact, no way I could easily record every instance, large, small, and moderate, of in-or-semi-competence that I, and you, run across each and every day. It's a staggering problem, that has compromised America in every way.

And, Brothers & Sisters, the problem is going to get a lot worse as dope (i.e. marijuana, hashish) becomes legal across the country, leading to an increasingly sprawling subset of Americans walking around stoned. Insidiously, because of the often-subtle nature of the marijuana high, you'll probably never know that your doctor, auto mechanic, bus driver, waiter, tax-preparer, police officer, or teacher of your child, is high, on the job, or off.

And given that no person will ever really know what other person or persons whom they are interacting with are high, indeed in many cases persons whom they are depending on, sometimes in serious or even life-and-death situations, how will we people ever trust each other again? What happens to trust, already rated low in America, between person and person, person and business, and person and government? Trust--that key element without which you simply cannot have a healthy and functioning society?

Trust will obviously be gravely injured, if not destroyed.

Fellow Americans, how do we maintain, and build, a healthy and prosperous society under such conditions? We don't. We simply shed a tear as we watch America continue to inexorably (i.e. can't stop it) decline from Great Power to third-world-nation.

Fight, and terminate, this powerful and destructive enemy by A.) reading my book GRASS NOT GREENER, and B.) electing me President.

October 08, 2021, Friday

10:07a, About thirty minutes ago, attempted to pay my public service bill online. Process hung up mid-point. Now I have to waste time calling PSEG.

10:08a, Cooked a Stouffer's frozen dinner for my mother. Instructions state not to reheat the plastic tray.

OK, but what if I have to, for some reason? Maybe we've just had a flood and cooking items like a pot for stove-top reheating are not available. Is it imperative that we not reheat the tray, or just recommended? Evidently it's a health issue, which is important, but Stouffer's gives us no explanation or further information, whatsoever.

10:21a, As I sit here penning (i.e. writing) this material, the overhead LED-technology light bulb here in our kitchen just flickered, and has been flickering a bit for about 24 hours, now. My initial research indicates that all bulbs flicker, regardless of their base technology. LED bulbs, however, seem to have the strongest reputation for this behavior.

This is an especially problematic flaw, for a flickering bulb could indicate a problem with interior wiring, or some other serious electrical condition that could even lead to a fire. There could be hidden leakage from a toilet or other plumbing fixture or component on the 2nd floor, affecting the wiring between the floors, below, or in the walls.

Therefore, experiencing this behavior simply as an idiosyncrasy of the bulb, itself, is not acceptable.

October 09, 2021, Saturday

Yesterday an almost-4-year-old child, Daniel Galeas, fell from from a fourth-floor window in Harlem, N.Y.C.

Tragically, our beautiful little brother could not survive the fall.

What possible explanation would suffice in this tragic example of the large-scale failure of FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCE?

October 12, 2021, Tuesday

About four days ago upon visiting my local Shop-Rite supermarket I again indulged my I-wish-it-were-guilty pleasure and walked over to the TastyKake display, looking for the small French Apple pie. Lo-and-behold it hadn't yet been snatched up; the TastyKlair pie also looked good to my low-blood-sugared body so I took that one too, moving my shopping cart in its usual location. I opened the TastyKlair, the pie that had captured my imagination at that moment.

Upon opening the pie and anticipating the first bite of the yellow custard inside and chocolate gracing the top, i was immediately chagrined to see that the ribbon of chocolate on top of the pie had largely come off and was stuck under the top of the small, rectangular cardboard box.


It gets worse. A lot worse.

I then reverted to Plan B--my French Apple pie, opening the package, breaking the small, rectangular pie in two, as is my habit, and starting to munch. I noted the box asserting, NOW, MORE APPLES, and was struck with consternation, as the amount of apple filling seemed nicely akin to what I'm used to--but no greater. And I could see gaps or crevices between the filling and the sides of the pie. Even with the touted MORE APPLES the interior of the cardboard sleeve was not fully filled.

I briefly continued my attempt to eat and enjoy the pie, but it was not to be. I found several more solid fragments, and all but confirmed that they were plastic.


This incident produced an immediate epiphany for me, concerning the nature and character of America and American society. The question for us, now, however, concerns the presence of inedible detritus in this product--and many other food products that I buy. For they surely represent a diminution in the American ability to competently provide products and services.

October 14, 2021, Thursday

A friend in Ohio related the following account:

He has a good relationship with his local pizzeria, from whom he orders often. However, it does make consistent mistakes.

Balance of account pending.

November 15?, 2021, Monday

Spoke with Tiffany. Wawa forgot to include a spoon for the soup. and other mistakes. See notes.

Balance of account pending.

November 16, 2021, Tuesday

My Wawa order arrived about 25 minutes ago, soup and a sandwich.

They again forgot to include a spoon. I've ordered from Wawa, this particular Wawa, in fact, many times. They customarily include a spoon when soup is ordered. Last two soup orders--no spoon.


This section under construction. But some of these topics (i.e. subjects) are already remarked upon here, in the PICK YOUR ISSUE section.

I have great respect for young people and what they must go through today, to survive and try to be happy, to try to build a life for themselves. And I have respect for, and a strong belief in, their intellect and their ability, and willingness, to learn. If I didn't, I wouldn't be presenting so much complex and sometimes difficult information and content here, at my Presidential website, and in my larger campaign.





Bigotry (i.e. racism)

B*tch, being a

Body Issues & Self-Image









Drugs, Drug Use


Gender (i.e. being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual)

Illness, psychological

Illness, physical



Mental Health

Money & Career


Pain, psychological, emotional:  (PAIN --> PROFUNDITY [i.e. deep thoughts] --> PROGRESS)

Pain, physical





Pressure (from Parents, Boss, BF, GF, etc)

Racism, see Bigotry, above



Romantic Relationships


Sexual Abuse

Social Media


Work & Job Issues

. . . . . . . . . . .

Young People:  What am I missing? Email me!



  1. CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - Vaccination has become the global first-line defense of choice in fighting the Coronavirus. This, however, is a huge mistake.

    Vaccination is a modality (i.e. medical method) inferior to masking to counter and eliminate the coronavirus, COVID19 (heretofore referred to as C19). Vaccinations are high-tech, complex, expensive, and difficult to store and administer.

    Masking, by contrast, carries almost none of these liabilities and limitations, and has the staggering advantages of 1.) actually preventing spread of the virus between people in the first place, which means that through masking--mandatory global masking--we can actually eliminate the virus completely and permanently, and 2.) virus variants no longer hold any power, for masking is immediately and automatically effective against any and all viral variants.

    In 2024, if the pandemic is still raging, or even remains substantive, the DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, at my direction, is going to effect a wholesale shift to mandatory global masking, starting with calling for a global pandemic summit, a meeting of all world leaders to receive this argument and corresponding plan, in order to eliminate the virus completely and permanently.

    I understand that masking is seen as inconvenient by some persons, including me, and is not universally accepted, but a relatively brief period of masking will return planet Earth to complete normalcy, and is the only thing that will, with vaccination continuing as a second-tier modality. The only question and consideration for you, therefore, is:  do you want your life back? If so, and vaccination combined with masking hasn't done the trick by 2024, Mandatory Global Masking categorically will.

    I have laid out my entire argument, and had contacted the Biden Administration, and a number of other world leaders and governments.

    Brothers and Sisters:  No pain, no gain.

  2. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH/RESOURCE - What is commonly termed the UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME (UBI) is a key plank in the DE BENEDETTO Presidential platform. Most likely consider this a new and novel idea, when in fact famed social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm proposed it in 1955 in his famous, and urgently recommended, work The Sane Society.

    The UBI notion is a prime exemplar of the fact, and power, of my combination electoral program that pairs 1.) Love, properly understood, with 2.) functional competence (if not, excellence, in this case).

    The kernel of the UBI approach is that every citizen is to possess, either through their own direct effort, or the redistribution of social resource, a minimum income, reside at a minimum income floor, sufficient to, and in accord with, a minimum decent human condition of existence.

    The idea demonstrates Love as it comprises all of us ensuring that each of us can live decently. And it comprises functional competence insofar as it represents a more efficient and effective system of needed redistribution of resource. There exists in this idea, however, a third socially and economically salutary benefit. UBI is a direct expression and implementation of a key Conservative principle and desideratum:  reduction in the size of government, since all, most, or many existing bureaucratic structures of redistribution will, in fact, be completely eliminated, in favor of a singular structure.

    This is one of the rare examples in human history when our entire multifarious body of stars align, to the relief of some, and delight of many. As 2024 Presidential candidate, I am both relieved and delighted, and thus is our best implementation of the Universal Basic Income an integral and key part of my Presidential program.

  3. FOUNDATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE - The election and presidency of Donald J. Trump illustrates that owing to the complex technological and geopolitical character of the modern age, Article II, Section 1, of the United States Constitution should be amended to provide for additional requirements to run for President the United States. The Founding Fathers specified as formal qualifications:  1.) an age of 35 years or older, 2.) a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years, and 3.) a natural-born citizen. Through official amendment, to this set should be added a basic test of political, economic, historical, and geographical literacy. While true that the long election process characteristic of the United States does, in theory, provide ample time for the electorate to discern the fitness of a given candidate, a formal mechanism is required, as well. A second modification to the election requirements should be seriously considered, that of a basic test of psychological fitness.

    Governance by ignorance, ego, and prevarication can simply no longer be tolerated, given, for example, the formidable set of existential threats facing the United States, from climate change to unyielding global terror.

  4. CHARACTER; OUR HUMAN FAMILY - Every American shall be taught, and such teaching shall be reinforced, that all persons in this world are brothers and sisters in one human family--and should treat each other accordingly.

    Accordingly, the United States shall act as a force for good in the world, although not at the expense of national security.

    In the case, for example, of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, apparently by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Trump is correct in asserting that severing relations with Saudi Arabia would be unwise. However, had Mr. Trump, or someone in, or associated with, his administration a strong moral center--Vice-President Pence, are you listening--they could have sat down privately with the Crown Prince to discuss and indeed meaningfully rebuke him on this matter. Such a conversation could have been accompanied by a symbolically punitive economic or social rebuke of some kind.


    As we are all brothers and sisters in one human family, we're finally going to embark upon Humanity's most critical socio-existential task, that which we must begin if we're to Actualize, that is, be the best human family we can be, and perhaps even if we are to survive:  start helping each other.

    As we've got to begin somewhere, we'll consider abuse of residents, typically elderly and ill, at nursing homes and similar facilities, a longstanding problem across America. The problem is most prevalent in cases of residents who:

    "...don't have regular visitors or have friends who come visit them, they are the most vulnerable," states New Jersey's Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Laurie F. Brewer.

    Here is a more extended quote:

    Laurie F. Brewer, the state's ombudsman, believes the actual number of incidents involving abuse and neglect in the state are "dramatically" undercounted. Some residents are reluctant to report any problems, she explained, fearing retribution. ... "You are in the most vulnerable position in your life at the end of your life. People are fearful of reporting, especially people who don't have family members," she said. "It's heartbreaking. The thousands of people who don't have regular visitors or have friends who come visit them, they are the most vulnerable."

    The DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION is going to implement a series of programs designed to take persons seeking, or needing, to put their time to better use, from housewives with little to do during the day, to gang members who have plenty to do, much of it nefarious, and emplace them, through a program of strong encouragement, in helping situations, where their intellect and energies can do good, helping their lonely and vulnerable brothers and sisters. In the above scenario, for example, we will accept volunteer applications to emplace people to regularly visit lone, family-less residents of nursing homes and similar facilities, so that they are not so easily preyed upon.

  6. ENERGY PRODUCTION - I will explain the basics of energy production, in the United States and around the world. But I can tell you immediately that based on my research thus far, all roads lead in one direction, and one direction, alone:  POPULATION CONTROL. If we as a species are ever to gain a rational foothold on the continuing problem of permanent provision of clean, safe, and healthy energy, the principal reality, and our overarching directive, must be that captured in those provocative two words.

    Without serious and sustained population control, I don't see how we will ever solve this problem, for the reality of Earth is that we simply have too many people, consuming too much, too fast. It's as simple as that.

    So-called "green" solutions such as wind and solar, when scrutinized, are revealed as highly problematic, chiefly because neither wind nor sunshine sustains itself constantly, meaning a polluting technology, usually coal, must always be kept at-the-ready to prevent blackouts. Moreover, commonly-proposed so-called "green" or "renewable" solutions such as wind and solar, themselves, require an inordinate amount of power to produce, again, coal usually the power source of choice. Relatedly, equipment such as wind turbines and solar panels eventually break down and must be replaced, forcing a repeat utilization and expenditure of money, time, energy, and manpower.

    The last problematic element in conventional "green" thinking and alternative energy proposals is that the substitution paradigm that has emerged globally, and is being widely implemented, is the burning of wood chips or pellets that are called "biomass." This refers to the burning of small wood chips instead of burning coal. Biomass means trees and requires aggressive deforestation of just about every forest the power industry can get its hands on. This "green" solution has and continues to obliterate the forests of the world at an alarming rate, in a process called deforestation, injuring our efforts to fight climate change among other deleterious consequences of the large-scale obliteration of forests.

    Biomass fuel is considered, and described as, a renewable resource, at least nominally, because the trees that it's made from "will grow back." While functionally true, many or most won't grow back for many years, and in the meantime we see the likely permanent loss of forests critical to the amelioration of climate change, provision of elemental substances or proto-materials for new drugs and health or medical remedies, native animal habitats and biodiversity, and that which simply comprises the soul or spiritual center for humankind.


    The following two documentary-style films are essential to understanding the probable dead-end that is our present environmental course. We don't need, nor can we really sustain, at least not as our front-line defense against environmental threats present or future, yet more resource-intensive technologies and equipment, whether solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal dams, electric cars, or anything else the Green industry and its financial ecosystem might conceive.

    What we actually need is a rediscovery of, and commitment to, a simpler way of life that involves fewer human beings, leading simpler lifestyles that require far fewer resources to sustain.

    Likely the kind of existence that American Transcendentalist writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau would have approved of.

    Bright Green Lies

    Planet of the Humans

  7. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - Until such time that moral law predominates, and while we as a human family work toward this objective, the United States shall meaningfully recommit to the standard of conventional law. Meaning, for example, that all persons having come here illegally shall be deported, with exceptions for those whose life would be genuinely imperiled or present other especially compelling reasons to remain.

    Persons brought here unknowingly, especially children, are exempt from these guidelines.

  8. CULTURAL & ECONOMIC COHESION - all immigrants must learn English within one year.

  9. NATIONAL DEFENSE - The armed forces shall be rebuilt into a fearsome and advanced fighting force, able to win full-scale wars on at least two fronts. Impediments to effective fighting such as fast or junk food, inordinate time spent continually fiddling with smartphones, or inordinate focus on pornography or sex, shall be severely discouraged.

    Additionally, U.S. Force Readiness, i.e. training and equipment maintenance, shall no longer suffer in favor of acquisition of new weapons systems.

    Moreover, the Readiness and national security absurdity of relying on Chinese or other foreign industry for key components for American military and related systems must be stopped. Our own capacity to create such components must be developed immediately.

    As of May 2019 there is a similar problem in the pharmaceutical industry that must be stopped:  in yet another example of the general and overall decline of America, U.S. pharmaceutical companies lack manufacturing plants to produce generic drugs, and must therefore rely inordinately on foreign manufacturing facilities in China and India, where tainted product is routinely manufactured, and companies often falsify records and destroy evidence to deceive the FDA, and compromise its inspections.

  10. JOHN MCCAIN - Voting for John McCain for President in 2008, I will never accept the ChickenHawk Donald Trump attacking and insulting the good name of John McCain--clearly, an American hero.

    On the basis of these attacks, alone, neither conservatives, nor anyone else should ever cast a vote for this out-of-order chickenhawk, although Donald Trump's baffling obsequiousness toward all-things Putin suggests that Mr. Trump doesn't even deserve the "hawk" portion of the pejorative "chickenhawk."

  11. POLICE - I have formulated a new policing paradigm called TAB POLICING. More to come.

  12. NATIONAL DEFENSE, MILITARY SERVICE - Every able-bodied American shall serve a minimum of two years in the Armed Forces; three years recommended. Persons who cannot serve in a conventional capacity owing to age or disability, shall serve in administrative or other non-combat positions.

    Once elected, or before, I, myself, as President will either begin basic training in a branch of our Armed Forces, or will assist at a local recruiting center.

    It's impossible for me to do so at the present time, as I remain the sole full-time caregiver to my Mother, 90yo and bedridden.

  13. Reasons for Compulsory Service


    In my book draft LOVE:  PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD I assert that only Philosophy will save the world. By this I don't necessarily refer to the academic or even pragmatic discipline of philosophy, but more the focus of Philosophy on ideas. On ideas as drivers of both human behavior and change. We can subscribe to the "Great Man" theory of history, provided we understand, in keeping with my admonition that we always seek the root of a problem, idea, or circumstance, that a great man or woman is usually thought so because of something they have accomplished, some act or action in which they have engaged. But not any act would be seen as laudatory, only certain acts. Which ones? Why, those in keeping with our value system, that is, those that represent or embody those ideas that we consider most valuable.

    For a simple, perhaps simplistic example, a man who murders ten people would not be considered a great man, for we don't generally value such a casual appreciation of life, whereas a man who feeds ten people likely would be considered a great man, or certainly a good man, for the preservation and indeed expansion of life is a value that we revere.

    Ideas, then, drive the world, and Philosophy, among all disciplines, takes the idea as its foundational element; it's chunk of clay to be molded, its bloc of stone to be chiseled.

    Why compulsory military service? Because America is, above all else, an idea, and a revolutionary one, at that, and every man, woman, and child must learn what it means to defend an idea. Must learn to defend those ideas that matter most, that they and their culture revere.

    Under the De Benedetto Administration, each of us will serve two years in the United States Armed Forces, a time for which each of you will come to be thankful, for the ways that it has bountifully enriched, added to, not subtracted, or detracted from, your lives.

    Seraph, an interesting and powerful character in the second and third installments of the The Matrix film series, asserts, in defining his role and raison d'etre:  "I protect that, which matters most."

    And so must we.

  14. VETERANS & VETERAN'S AFFAIRS - We don't have to support every war to support those who fought in them. Some wars, of course, such as WWII, are universally supported.

    support united states war combat veterans

    - Support United States Combat and other Veterans -

    paralyzed veterans of america support united states war combat veterans war injury

    - Support Paralyzed & other Severely Injured United States Combat Veterans -

    national world war II 2 museum


    - Young People, Learn Your History! -

  15. THE MIND - Every American shall be taught critical thinking skills, and such skill shall be reinforced through their lifetime.

    Anything that human beings have done, are doing, or will ever do, is based completely and solely on one thing, and one thing, alone:  the human mind, and its physical repository, the human brain.

    Therefore, anything that compromises the human mind simply cannot be tolerated, including:  stress, poor-quality food and beverages, chemicals in the air, water, and soil, and needless to say, drugs. Alcohol is of a different intoxicant class, and has a lengthy, already-established history of legality in the United States, but persons must be regularly and substantively encouraged to limit its use.

    Accordingly, then, and ultimately:  factors contributing to the decline in physical and mental health, and ability to think and perform other sensate (i.e. of the five senses) functions, starting with armed forces personnel and other citizens performing critical functions, shall be corrected. Fast food, for example, known to be nutritionally bankrupt and interfere with optimal physical and mental development and maintenance, shall be made more nutritionally sound.

    What will the giants in fast food like the McDonald's Corporation think of this exhortation? I don't know--are they patriotic Americans?

    Marijuana and all drugs will be strictly illegal under the De Benedetto Administration. All laws legalizing and even decriminalizing dope will be completely repealed as soon as possible. Legalization of dope also injures public behavior and the public intellect, thus strengthening the hand of our enemies. On the day that dope is legal in all 50 states, we can expect the enemies of America to host the biggest victory party the world has ever seen.


    As it's the human mind and brain that is at stake, the sole determinants of all things, drug offenses must be addressed with gravity, including possession of even "small" amounts of dope. First offense of a small quantity, such as a joint (i.e. marijuana cigarette ) or two will carry no penalty, but simply require a court appearance and conversation with a judge. Second offense, however, of even a single joint will carry a mandatory 30-day jail sentence.


  16. This admonition represented wisdom when Nancy Reagan enunciated it--and so, today.

  17. INADVERTENT INJURY TO AMERICA - Of which the legalization of dope, as briefly outlined above, is an excellent example, occurs in other ways, as well. For example, if one listens to political talk radio, one is familiar with various "conservative" hosts who routinely hurl oceans of invective, sometimes vulgar, at various politicians and figures of the opposing political point of view. The excoriation is routinely so harsh that, if you didn't know that the host was referring to an opposition American politician--often the President of the United States--you'd think that they must have been, indeed could only have been, impugning one of America's enemies, likely her worst.

    The problem is that if the most extreme language is used by American radio hosts in slander of American politicians, what kind of language is left to describe the genuine enemies of America? We'd want to use the strongest possible language to condemn and indict our enemies, yet it seems that this body of opprobrium has already been used to tear down our own leaders.

    Accordingly, I intend to study this phenomenon and attempt to redress, or at least curb, it. Media commentators will be educated on this problem and urged to restrain themselves. I believe that the fact that we're all Americans, media hosts and politicians, alike, in concert with the new ethic of Love that will partially underpin my Presidency, will comprise a potent enough mix, force, to curb this insidious phenomenon.

  18. EDUCATION - Mathematics and gymnastics will be returned to every school district in America. The former sharpens the mind, the latter, the body and the mind.

    A central and permanent question that my campaign, like my work in social science for a long time now, will continue to pose, is:   could the United States produce another Einstein?

    My Fellow Americans, Brothers and Sisters;  I assure you that the loss of two of the activities most relevant to the development of the mind, gymnastics and mathematics, will not assist in, nor increase the likelihood of the latter-day appearance of such a figure. Between this and the amount of distraction in our modern culture--from smartphones to fast food, it doesn't, at present, look good.

    This is going to change under my Administration, however--I assure you.

    Who will our next Einstein be? If a younger person, it could well be you! If a parent, your son or daughter!

    Let's find out, shall we?

  19. COMPETENCE & THE WORK ETHIC - Permanent public education campaign to dramatically increase the functional (and moral, see Love Ethic, above) excellence of America:  all persons on the job are to get their noses out of their smart phones and focus competently on their job and their work. This exhortation directed to every role and occupation from police officer, to construction worker, to doctor, secretary, to armed forces member.

    Under my Administration, America will see dramatic movement toward Actualization, that is, being the best nation that it is capable of being. Needless to say, large-scale successful introduction of such an ethic would put America back on the map in a huge way in terms of the worldwide appeal of its entire suite of products and services.


    None of this is even remotely possible, however, if the American population is fatigued, ill, distracted, high, or otherwise suffering any substantive form of what I term the decline of mind, which is largely why we must act with intelligent deliberation to preserve the mind, and why, therefore, we cannot permit engagement in any activity nor use of any substance or agent that compromises the mind, that is, our ability to think or engage any sensate function.

  20. GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION - The Department of Homeland Security will be renamed. Labeled under the George W. Bush administration, the lack of facility in language of the President may have been why this vaguely Nazi-sounding name was selected. Homeland...Fatherland?

    Additionally, to my knowledge there is no tradition in America of conceptualizing the nation as our "homeland." Replacement names might include Department of National Security.

    This title has bothered me since it was first ascribed, and under my administration it will be changed, forthwith.


    Upon my election as President I will convene a round-table series of conversations with every former President, televised in whole or part, repeated as often as necessary.

    As far as I'm concerned the Presidency in the modern age is a position of great complexity. Though one's vision for the country may be straightforward, as mine generally is, the devil is always or often in the details, and to wade through those details the experiences, and in some cases the intellect, of the former occupants of that Office could prove invaluable. Such conversations, at the very least, will demonstrate the politically expansive perspective of the De Benedetto Administration.

    Nor am I averse to inclusion of persons of other parties in my Administration, as exemplified by the Abraham Lincoln, then Barack Obama Administrations (note: I did not vote for Barack Obama).

  22. ABORTION - We've got to stop killing Americans, so abortion shall be outlawed. A large scale, effective, nationwide network of adoption shall be created and fully funded, so as to integrate into the life of the nation and its culture. Said effort shall be promulgated globally to influence every other nation to stop the global genocidal holocaust of humans emerging in and from the womb.

    The assertion that a woman's body is hers to control as she wishes is easily countered, as it requires only a small technical correction:  once conception occurs, there now exists a second body, not the mother's. This becomes clear enough after only a few weeks of development, when the new being will have formed their own hands, feet, and beating heart. As a separate body, and being, in accord with both American, universal, and natural law, it has de facto, and implicitly, it's own right to exist.

    The abortion question, in large measure, is a consideration and examination of whether a given mother will enforce, or destroy, that right.

    Termination of abortion rights will be of no real consequence, however, as no woman will have to keep and parent a child whom she does not want. All children are to be born, but unwanted children will be given for adoption immediately. This addresses the concern of the mother about keeping a child, while still sparing the life of the child.

    Further fact and perspective can be found in my anti-abortion essay.

  23. CRIME - Crime is a human phenomenon that is very easy to understand. Strictly speaking, crime is a rubric, that is, a category, that refers to and includes the aggregate acts of violation of the set of established laws, known as "The Law," in short, of a given society. One would typically say, for example, "He broke the law."

    Crime, as a rubric, a class of violative actions, consists of acts such as theft, assault, murder, rape, slander, libel, trespass, transport of narcotics, use of narcotics, transport of child abuse imagery, creation of child abuse imagery, forgery, fraud, and many other acts that violate at least one established law.

    Crime occurs for two reasons, finds its roots in just two human phenomena that, from my standpoint, are very predictable.

  24. QUALITY-OF-LIFE - Among the key issues eroding American's quality of life is noise, so this issue will be aggressively redressed by the De Benedetto Administration.

    Redress of this problem is also, like restoration of gym and math considered above, relevant to whether the United States could ever produce another Einstein. Given present noise levels across much of America, especially from that now-ubiquitous device, as odd as it is injurious as it is superfluous--the so-called "leafblower," one can't even hear themselves think, much less generate the intensive and extended streams of thought required to achieve Einsteinian excellence in Physics, or any other discipline.

    Another Einstein? In fact, with present levels of noise and cultural distraction I wonder whether the United States could even produce another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

    These unnecessary devices, moreover, are significant contributors to climate change, a problem now of existential proportion, so for this reason, as well as the noise, vibration, and toxic airborne mix that they generate--they must, and will, be gone under my Administration.

    In fact, you'll find this "Another Einstein," the "AE Question," serving as the grand referent or arbiter on many questions of policy and program:  if a given action would tend to increase the likelihood of producing another Einstein, the De Benedetto Administration will tend to support it, and vice-versa.

  25. GUNS - I assert to owners of firearms that my policy toward their guns can be summarized in one word.

    What is the DeBenedetto Administration going to do about your guns?


    There will be no changes to federal, state, or local policy, unless said changes would tend to expand the rights of gun owners.

    Aggressive encouragement of voluntary safety checks and secure storage. Occasional reminders that, as intelligent policies bear fruit and citizens tend to feel safer, we do want, as biblically prescribed, to beat as many of those guns into plowshares as we can, as soon as possible.

  26. I take this policy position because:

    1. We have a tradition in America of legally-mandated gun ownership. We are a gun culture. It is not the place of government to abandon or emasculate essential American traditions.

    2. Guns, inanimate objects, are not our problem, anyway. Our problem is people, us, and the moral void in which we live, an American and, indeed, human family lost in the ethico-existential wilderness. And as such, striking out at others using any weapon we can find. Just yesterday came the news, for example, that a man in Norway killed five persons using...a gun? No, a bow-and-arrow.

  27. HOMOSEXUALITY (i.e. being gay) - Persons feeling themselves to be homosexual shall undergo a prescribed period of psychological counseling, perhaps three years, to ascertain the validity and veracity of said feelings. Said counseling shall include humane, collaborative attempts to de-emphasize homosexual impulses in favor of heterosexual.

    Homosexual individuals are brothers and sisters in our one human family as any other person, and, as such, are to be loved and respected.

    Cultural elements that tend to confuse sexuality, or homosexualize men (or women), such as "transsexual" pornography and Drag Queen Story Hour, shall be sharply discouraged, or outlawed.

  28. MEN, DE-MASCULINIZATION OF - American culture, without question, has shifted toward an amelioration of the traditional qualities of masculinity. This cannot stand, and will be redressed under the De Benedetto Administration.

  29. Are you aware that the Chinese government, wisely attempting to curb what is perceived as the feminization of its men, has implemented a formal program to this end?

    And what of the United States? In disturbing and unacceptable contrast, we have, instead, Drag Queen Story Hour.

    The De Benedetto Administration will reinforce natural, appropriate, traditional gender roles.


  31. ECONOMY - There shall be a serious reconsideration of reinstatement of the gold standard, with all unsupported currency withdrawn from circulation.

    Additionally, we shall likely centralize, streamline, and thus economize all government income distribution plans such as General and Unemployment Assistance into one stream, the Universal Basic Income. Though presently under discussion in America, in fact this idea was far earlier proposed by social philosopher Erich Fromm in his 1955 masterpiece THE SANE SOCIETY.

    Brothers & Sisters, study this book, along with Dr. Fromm's noted THE ART OF LOVING, particularly his chapter on Brotherly Love (also called Agape [ugg opp' ay] in the language of Greek philosophy).

  32. PRESERVATION OF THE HUMAN RACE - The United States shall lead an international effort to build a powerful planetary defense, in case of extra-terrestrial attack, which scientists increasingly consider possible.

    I will not permit America (nor the human race) to get caught with its pants down, however unlikely some consider this possibility.

  33. NUTRITION, SPECIFICALLY, SUGAR - Here's a suggestion or tip that you and your family can, and indeed, I would argue, must begin using immediately to improve all aspects of health. Such change will make an immediate and likely discernible (i.e. noticeable) difference:  discontinue consumption of sugar, in all its forms, as soon and as severely as possible.

    As one interested in health and nutrition for years, I tell you confidently that sugar is poison. Neither should you consume artificial sweeteners, however, such as Splenda, as they are unhealthy, as well. Your best course, if you must consume sugar, is to consume real sugar, but severely limit your intake. Keep your kids off of sugar, as well. Fruit, in moderation, and preferably organic, is a wise choice.

  34. In proffering this advice, I do what persons of liberal politics tend not to:  raise concomitant concern for our brothers and sisters in the sugar industry. Were the American population to greatly curb its consumption of sugar, some persons, perhaps many, in the sugar industry would find themselves without a job. We cannot permit this. With the slow elimination of jobs in the sugar industry must come a serious, concerted national effort to retrain these brothers and sisters for other jobs and industries. Better jobs, as well, whenever possible.

    Ditto workers in every industry, coal is often cited, that must sunset per our increasing awareness of personal and planetary health. I will work tirelessly to ensure that no worker, no citizen, no brother or sister, no American is left behind. And I will endorse well-conceived market-based solutions, whether from inside or outside the White House.




Firstly, our Deepest Condolence to Ms. Petito and her family.

Crime is a natural part of a society devoid of any formal and official adoption of the Love ethic.

Ms. Petito was killed, and indeed many other horrible things happen in this country and world. People ask "Why?"

This is the wrong question. In a society absent Love, the question is:  Why not? Why wouldn't people commit transgressions and violations of every kind, as there's no genuine and widely promulgated and adopted moral code to inhibit them?

"The Law" alone is not enough, for, how many laws can we possibly pass? Can we pass a law to cover every single violation and transgression that human beings are capable of conceiving and executing, now, and a hundred years from now?

Impossible! The only real answer is the one that no one considers, and insofar as they do, dismiss as unrealistic:  a change in the human heart.

Indeed, brothers and sisters, if you're a serious Christian, or a member of any of the belief systems underpinning by Love, you already accept and believe this thesis, or are supposed to.

Given such an ethico-existental change or shift, the many violations and transgressions that we commit against each other will simply not occur in the first place. I say that what's unrealistic is the assumption that the human race can continue hurting itself as it does, and still think that it's going to survive, much less flourish.

And happily, Love, properly understood, is powerful enough to accommodate the necessary shift to a Love-based culture. This is why every major philosopher and theologian through history has venerated Love as essential. As stated above, incorporation of Love into our society is a core part of my Presidential platform, as contained in the document that you are now reading.

JANUARY 06, 2021 CAPITAL INSURRECTION - Contrary to what many so-called conservatives assert, likely because they want former President Trump exonerated of implied guilt for that insurrection, that the insurrection holds no importance, I'm going to explain why that action is one of the most significant for the country in modern times.

BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATION/MOVEMENT - Support Dr. King. Do not support BLM at this time. Do black lives matter? Of course, this goes without saying.

In fact, I have a knowledge of what I presently understand as the dark underbelly of the BLM movement:  the sub-movement to "breed out" the entire Caucasian ethnic lineage.

Not on my watch. Every culture has the right to survive, including, and in America especially, European culture, if that's its natural path.

TRUMP, DONALD - Did not write The Art of the Deal; this book was ghost-written.

It should come as no surprise that former President Trump lied about this:  persons with ghost-written books generally don't disclose it, and, Mr. Trump, even before becoming President had publicly stated that he sometimes considers it necessary to lie.

This fact alone fatally indicts Donald Trump's character, and with it his qualifications to be President, for the originating and First Principle for the role and position of President of the United States is complete candor (i.e. frank honesty) with the American people--us.

For this and other reasons, to be discussed, it is critical to the fate of, not merely America, but the world, that this gentleman remain in the real estate and entertainment businesses, roles for which he has clearly shown great interest and occasionally excelled, and where he clearly belongs.

As opposed to further deleterious involvement in, as he put it, "This politics stuff."


Tyranny, Truth, & Trump

In stark contrast, I wrote every word of my approximately thirty web sites, providing voters and non-voters alike more-than-ample opportunity to fully acquaint themselves with just about every parameter necessary to judge and assess me, to determine whether I deserve their vote.

But what of the so-called "little white lie"? Firstly, there's no evidence that in his Declaration of Deceit the former President was referring only to "little white lies." Secondly, in the context of an especially volatile political and social "kindling" such as arguably exists in the United States, today, even a little white lie can spark, then ignite, the volatile and highly flammable kindling to generate a social, political, or economic conflagration.

Comparatively, a given assertion may be little, that is, limited in the scope of its ill effect, either because it concerns a subject of little perceived consequence or a subject of great perceived consequence, but an element of that subject perceived as of little importance or consequence.

Comparatively, a given assertion may be little, that is, limited in the scope of its ill effect, and a given assertion may be a lie, that is, a deliberate misstatement of reality, but such an assertion will never be white, that is, fully devoid of any ill-effect since rooted in good intention. In fact, a small lie can be more pernicious and insidious than a larger lie, for, just as marijuana, the drug perceived as milder than other drugs and thus less damaging, may actually be more harmful than other kinds of drugs because its very mildness obscures its ill-effect, and the extent of the damage to the mind, thereto, so too, can a small lie generate worse effects than a big one for numerous reasons. For example, the small lie may require continual reinforcement with assertions supporting it, themselves lies, and thus initiate a pattern, perhaps even a cascade, of dishonesty, that, in the end, can prove extremely damaging.

In fact, Brothers & Sisters, historically the greatest criminals of all time, including Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others, from the most pernicious ideological camps of all time, such as fascism and (faux-)communism, skillfully utilized the lie as a key weapon in their authoritarian armory.


I'm afraid that this is another key area in which I must respectfully disagree with our former President.

This was, and presumably again will be, Donald J. Trump's ubiquitous (i.e. widespread) political slogan. It recalls (i.e. remembers or refers to) a time in recent American history, probably the period from about 1940 to about 1980, especially the decade of the 1950s, when America was, and remains, perceived to be stable, strong, peaceful, and prosperous.

However, congruent (i.e. consistent) with my Actualization principal, I do not intend to make America great again; in other words, I'm not going to restore the America that was, which, admittedly did speak to and reflect greatness, while suffering bigotry and other problems, I'm going to EXCEED that standard and make America the best that she's ever been, create America anew, the best that she's capable of becoming!


Conservatism is clearly the future of this country, and this world.

Before passions fly, however, let me define what I mean by Conservatism. For the same powerful and expansive intellect that I bring to every other idea on this page, is at work in formulating and understanding our most helpful and justifiable conception of Conservatism.

More About Me

I am a 61+ year old native born American, holding a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. My original writing on Terror has been quoted and cited by the New York Times. The gist of my piece:  that, for eight substantive reasons, the Twin Towers must be rebuilt to a minimum of their original 110 stories. This is why the web site where I published the piece was, and remains, called It's now a general anti-terror portal, though updated infrequently.

In terms of real-world politics, I consider myself a conservative Democrat. I did not vote for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden. It's a virtual certainty that I'd never vote for any Democratic candidate, again, in my life, as they all seem to advocate abortion.

I am a writer and philosopher working with unique and powerful ideas; comprising a statement of principle, plan of action, and personal and social belief system. Were I to become President I would attempt to recast the nation based on this programme. I am working with this plan now, prior to becoming President, and I'll be working with this plan after my bid for the Presidency, whether I'd won, or not. The only difference is that were I to win, I'd have the opportunity to implement this unique and powerful plan and likely improve the country immeasurably, in a way that, frankly, no other candidate likely could.

They're not me.

A substantial introduction to my intellect, value system, and general world-view is available through a careful examination of the free online draft of my upcoming book LOVE:  Properly Understood, the most Powerful Social Force Available to Humankind, an Internet resource for which I wrote every word.

Please also see OUR BETTER SELVES, as this Internet resource contains several of my politically-related essays.

Last, search my name as presented for my 30+ web sites, each conceived, researched, written, and built by me, and incorporating my basic perspective.


Writing today, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at 3:57 pm, I declare that, over the last two or so weeks I've decided to attempt a run for the Presidency of the United States. Such decision and its consequent action is not rooted in ego in any measure, I have little interest in ego, but in confidence that the confluence of 1.) my intellect, and 2.) knowledge of Agape, these both filtered and burnished through my unique life experience, can, in good measure, right many of the very many wrongs afflicting this nation, and in the best of cases, the world.

I did not begin my volume, LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, nor its two sister volumes, my AGAPE TRILOGY, in support of a Presidential run, but study of that work will be vital to understanding my approach to governance.

My governance of this nation, and the influence that such management will likely have on the world, will be based on Agape, as this principal is unquestionably powerful, dynamic, robust, and extensible enough to comprise such a foundation. Of course, the principle is generally misunderstood even in regard to what is traditionally understood as its native area of relevance, personal and social relationships. Many will find its application to practical politics baffling. I'll explain all in due time, however, and the nation and world may just find itself surprised, amazed, and eminently cheered.

There is one thing and one thing alone that can change the face of humanity, and that is Love, properly understood.

Especially in concert with a dramatic improvement in our competence and functional capacity.

Your Support is Critical

I ask for your active support in this interesting and likely inordinately (i.e. extremely) challenging endeavor. Please begin by 1.) contacting me so I can add your name to my email list, 2.) talk to as many others as you can about me, my ideas, and my Presidential run. Persuade others of like mind to add their names to my email list, as well. And last, 3.) begin to study and think deeply about my nascent (i.e. just starting) platform statements, presented at this website..

If you like the genuinely unique and powerful ideas that you've read here, please assist this campaign by providing financial support:  describing this nascent (i.e. just forming) campaign as operating on a shoestring would actually be glorifying it! PayPal DONATE button, below.

Fellow-Americans, Brothers & Sisters, do you want a genuinely, dramatically, and permanently changed world?

Now is our chance. Let's not miss this rare, emerging opportunity.

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This site went live on September 07, 2017. It was substantively updated on September 22, 2021, reflecting my newfound serious intention to actually attempt to run for President. This site can also be accessed using

THEME:  October 03, 2021 saw it go live with it's changed theme, from beige/brown to black/white, a far cleaner and more modern look.


If you are genuinely enamored (i.e. strongly drawn toward) with my unique and powerful ideas, and wish to see them manifest (i.e. turned into reality) in America and the world, please donate to my Presidential campaign, and do so monthly.

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